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The faculty of the college comprises of qualified and experienced post graduate teachers specialized in various subjects like Medical Surgical Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing, Paediatric Nursing and Psychiatric Nursing. In addition, part time Post Graduate Medical teachers in the field of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology and other subjects like Psychology, Nutrition, Sociology, Pharmacology, Statistics, English and Computer Science are also employed.

Mrs Sharada Chavan

M. Sc.( Med-Surg. Nursing)
MNC Reg.No.: RN RM- XXVIII-17102

Mrs Angela Braver

Vice Principal
M. Sc. (Community Health Nursing) MNC Reg.No.: RN-II-14364
RM- XVI- 11153

Mrs Raymol Rachel

Associate Professor
M.Sc. (Obst & Gynae Nursing)
Reg.No :XVII-3414

Mrs Shubhangi M

M. Sc. (Med-Surg. Nursing)
MNC Reg.No.: RN-II-14706
RM- XVI-11496

Mr Amol Kanade

Associate Professor
M. Sc. (Mental Health Nursing)
MNC Reg.No.: XLVII-1170

Mrs Anu Regin

M.Sc. (Child Health Nursing)
MNC Reg.No.: XVII-23985

Mrs. Jaslin Jose

M.Sc. (Med.-Surg.Nursing)
MNC Reg.No.: XVII-17669

Mr Vasudev Mane

M. Sc. ( Community Health Nursing )
MNC Reg.No.:XLVII-3278

Mrs. Avnee naik

Clinical Instructor / Tutor
M.Sc. (Obst & Gynae Nursing)
MNC Reg.No.: XVII-17669

Mrs Pradnya Mainkar

Clinical Instructor
M.Sc ( Mental Health Nursing )
MNC Reg.No.: II-19679, XVI-16468

Ms Poonam Jadhav

Clinical Instructor/ Tutor
M. Sc. (Medical Surgical Nursing)
MNC Reg.No.:RN : II-22919
RM : XVI-19708

Ms Anjali Deshmukh

Clinical Instructor
M.Sc. Nursing(Med. Surg. Nsg.)
MNC Reg.No.: XXVIII-44631

Ms Sufiya Inamdar

Clinical Instructor (Medical Surgical Nursing)
MNC Reg No: RN II-22984 RM XVI- 19773

Ms Aishwarya Mirikar

Clinical Instructor/ Tutor
M.Sc (Medical Surgical Nursing)
RN : II-25039
RM : XVI-21826

Ms. Kalyani Ankush Ambre.

Clinical Instructor/ Tutor
M.Sc nursing (obstetrics and gynaecological nursing)
MNC Reg. No.: RNII-26590
RM : XVI- 23377

Ms. Monica Thatte

Clinical Instructor/ Tutor
M.Sc. (Medical Surgical (critical care) nursing)
MNC Reg. No.: RN II - 27217
RM : XVI -24004

Ms. Swinal Salve

Clinical Instructor
M.Sc.( Mental Health Nursing)
MNC Reg. No.: II-24210, XVI-20997

Ms. Snehal Raut

Clinical Instructor
M.Sc(Child Health Nursing)
MNC Reg. No.: II-29885, XVI-26673

Ms. Ruchika Thaware

M.Sc. (Medical Surgical Nursing)
MNC Reg. No.: II-29059, XVI-25846

Ms. Mallika Prakash Shelar.

M.Sc. (Medical Surgical Nursing)
MNC Reg. No - II-29190, XVI-25977